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So, for all of the men you meet in the Golden place you eventually get the opportunity to pursue a relationship. Do we not get that option for Ken? Because even if I chose him the story makes it seem as though I'm not interested or he's more interested in Jean. Do we not get to have that option with Ken?

Ken is straight.

Yeah, I guess he is. My brother is schizophrenic and so I really feel for Ken you know? It's maybe a tad disappointing but overall I'm really happy with his route. As far as story and art style goes, this is by far the best VN I've played so far.

just finished marks route and kens route. Cant wait for the new update any info on when its coming out???


The men in ken’s route are so silly, himself included. I love them all, it’s unfair having to decide between them 😭




This VN is an absolute masterclass. Nikko, the art in this is mouth-wateringly good. Everything is spectacular.


Is anyone else having an issue with the zip?
Windows Explorer says it's empty, and WinRAR says the archive is corrupt.

I've downloaded it with Chrome and Firefox, and the official app.

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I can't stop thinking about this VN. Got to write how good it is for other people who haven't seen it yet
I'm ashamed I havent read it before, I should have given a chance way earlier. But god was I lucky, I got in just right after Ken's update, the one I wanted to try first!
The game is captivating, with the best designs I have seen in some time for every - and I repeat - EVERY character. I can see it has been made with intense love.  I am amazed at everything that was given so much thought to come into place, the story is concise and understandable even for someone that does not speak english like myself.
I'm not much of a fan of horror VN's, not because of horror itself (gore, tension, fear etc..), but because of how crude it can get during and at the end of routes. It can get brutal for the feelings. I'll try not to be expectant on this one, since it can very well have no good ending, or ''unsatisfying'' in an emotional way like other horror VN games. I'm not comparing, just making an observation
I've seen nikko's work from afar for a long time, and looking at so much improvement on his creations is astounding to say the least, definitely looking too support his patreon from here on out

Also! I'm a brazillian, and I felt so amazed by the portuguese part! It's rare to find portuguese being used anywhere as one of those ''I can't get what they're saying, but it looks cool'' languages in media, not to mention characters related to my country. In furry gay visual novels? First one I've come across. Meus parabéns pela iniciativa


Fuck Ken. My homies choose to be a part of the Rub Club


Will the Archives function be our album for all the CGs and soundtracks? If so, I really want to revisit all the art without having to going to old save files. 


Im just gonna say it, I fucking hate that pipe sound effect in ken's route.

What is the significance of Grey's Ace of clubs pin? I know the suits have all had various meanings in subcultures through the 1900s and now in the 2000s. Is his pin in reference to his sexuality? Or is it a dog whistle for speakeasies? Maybe i missed it in game? For whatever reason its been bugging me cause i feel like i know the answer but i just cant think of it lol.  

It's a shamrock, in the prohibition when alcohol was illegal people would use pins among other things to show that they are wanting alcohol at bootleg bars and so on. So I'm guessing that's the significance of the pin


Almost wish Grey wore more so the other guys could have more stages of undress.

... Is everyone getting sub-routes?



Ive been playing the new update and "Takoda" invited us to his room, but there wasnt an option for it when night time came. Do you know why or was it not included?

Same thing happened to me too, i figured I miss some other dialogue choice prior 🤔

Me too maybe we missed some dialogue, I was really intrigued to find out if Takoda's route would save them. (I'm Insanely obsessed with that bird ngl)

I had a question. My computer shut off because of a power outage, while I was playing the latest update. When I restarted the computer & opened the game back up, my latest save file, my entire Timeline, and all of my Fragments that I had accumulated since December 2021 were gone. :(

Am I going to have to replay the whole game?


Freak accidents like that are unprecedented and there's no way to know what the issue is in this scenario. Apologies.

update :D


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Damn. It seems like this is the best VN to me so far. Art is impeccable. Kinks are in my taste. Amount of cute and heartbreaking romance is extreme (which is amazing). Spooky stuff is especially on point. The way it's delivered through visuals, text, sounds and timing is mind blowing. Gonna bark a bit about every story that I have read so far. 

Gabe: It's perfect so far. Wish there was more. I think it's my favorite due to the coziness and just Gabe's character. I will die if anything happens to him. 

Hiro: My least favorite so far. Prolly because I am really confused with story and Hiro's character. Still really good. Especially the part with fungus type of horror forest (dunno how to describe). Art of it looks stunning. 

Ken: Started it expecting him to be something different but oh boy... I really dislike his character. But damn how I like Jessie and Colt. I was trying to be like: "Well. I need to stick with Ken since I kinda chose his card and this is the whole point". But as I went deeper into this strange romance for 3 (strange to me as a monogamous person) I discovered something soooo special that I've lost sleep for couple days. Don't let anything happen to these precious boys!!! I beg you!!! Song moment in the bar is fascinating. Loved it. Overall it's the most complicated, atmospheric and captivating story for me. Prolly because it's longer for now than the previous 2.

And I haven't started the last one yet. But I will update my comment when I'll reach the end of it. 

Sorry for this huge comment. Can't keep it bottled up in me. Too excited. Definitely gonna support this thing on Patreon as soon as I have more money. 

Also, I have noticed that Hiros route and Path extra route end with a error message. Is it supposed to be like that? 

Hi! Please forgive me if it's inappropriate to ask, but I couldn't help but notice something about Hiro, and I've been wondering if I'm not alone in this observation. I think Hiro might be neurodivergent. (I'm not sure if it's rude of me to assume something like that, so forgive me in advance if it's offensive.) There are just some things that may point to this, but I'm not sure. For example, I feel like the way he behaves sometimes or the things he says can be interpreted in this way. "I don't expect you to understand how my mind works. I hardly do." is a good example (however, it can also refer to something completely different). Additionally, there's also the fact that people who do not identify with the sex they were assigned at birth are more likely to fall somewhere on the autism spectrum. Perhaps it's very obvious, so I haven't seen anyone else point this out, or maybe I'm just reading too much into this. I don't know, let me know what you guys think!


“The Path” side story breaks my heart.


I’m really not into men, but I like feelin’ good.


Alot of the game is REALLY pretty but I didn't enjoy the story so far, alot of the story doesn't know exactly what it want to do or become and it kinda feels like AI, I'm not saying it is it just feels like it🤣 but I would recommend this game to possum enjoyers😌


I am legitimately baffled by this comment. Despite my great love for this VN, I can understand it not being for everyone. After all there is no accounting for taste, and some of the subject matter is quite dark. So fair enough if you didn't enjoy. But to call it poorly written, and to go as far as to compare it to AI slop, is just stupid and wrong. Your reading comprehension is terrible and it shows.


"The Path" episode is just brutal... I sure wasn't expecting anything like that


New update was fucking amazing... 

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Gray>Ken>Hiro>Gabriel>Mark based on how much I like them as a character/person (sorry Mark, I still like your route the best cause I think it's scarier than the others and I like the moral dilemmas, I just don't like you as a person)

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I've only completed what is available for Yasahiro and Mark's routes, and this VN is great! Some amazing art and can be great with the unsettling themes and imagery when it wants to be. But really the best of it, so far to me, is our cute trans boy because damn I love Hiro; as a trans woman I think he does some nice trans rep, and I like the sweet comments from Grey about his interest in trans people even outside of Yasahiro's route.

My only "dings" on this is the pretty cheesy mid-opening and that the dialogue can get a tad confusing at times, minor issues.

I'm definitely looking forward to future updates, seeing where things go, and to trying the other routes.

When will Yasahiros route be updated?


This visual novel is really great so far. I've only played Mark's and Hiro's routes, but I'm excited to play the others as well. I went into the game completely blind so a lot of stuff really shocked me. I'd say I prefer Marks's route with all the horror elements and all, but I definitely like Hiro more as a character. 

I myself am a trans man, and Hiro being trans really shocked me, I was not expecting a trans male character at all. It made me really happy too, I think the way the author handled him was really great. The scene in the spring was wonderful, made me tear up a little. 

That being said, there is one little nitpick I have. The story describes Hiro as having a male voice, and during the sex scene, he is shown with "bottom growth" which are all effects someone can only get after going on testosterone. But the story also describes Hiro as having female pheromones?? If you didn't know, which is fine, I think this is an honest mistake, but when a trans male goes on testosterone it changes his scent to be indistinguishable from a cis male. I know that it's a fox person and humans don't have pheromones but it doesn't make any sense that he would produce female pheromones on T. Testosterone acts as a blocker to female hormones like estrogen, or progesterone, the kind of fox testosterone he's on would also most likely block the female pheromones and he would produce male pheromones. Again this is probably a mistake, but that's not how trans male bodies work - trans man

But anyways great game, excited to play the other routes 

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tbh I think Hiro only had mastectomy, I think it isn't mentioned if he's on testosterone, and since it happens in the middle of 20 century I don't think it would be as easy as now to get hormones :P

edit: plus he lives in some kind of small village which would make testosterone even harder to get


but in the sex scene he is shown with bottom growth which is an effect you can only get on testosterone so he has to be on testosterone 


Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed reading about Hiro. Without spoiling anything about the narrative, there is some general fuckery with what Grey is perceiving and the way these characters are portrayed. Hiro is a character who's taken many measures to be seen as male by his peers, so you can interpret his current state however you want. What was important was portraying a character who has found a way to express his sexuality without being ashamed. and for Grey to reciprocate. Hope that helped!


Okay cool. I apologize, I didn't mean to come off as nitpicky, I guess I was passionate because I really love his character, looking forward to more!


i'm really hoping that Kens route gets an update soon i'm super excited for it because i love colt and ken so much and am really interested in learning more about Ken :3

i agree


I think the author posted on twitter (X) on 17th of September that they're halfway through of Ken 3 so it should be  updated soon

never really played many visual novels, especially not this type, but this is amazing I've only done the Gabe route so far but its been great. I can wait to see what happens next. that being said i only have one gripe with this and that's that i with the was a gallery feature hopefully the devs add it in in a future up date. (idk maybe there already is a gallery but i cant find it)

Im not good with names but the shark dude's route is super cute and wholesome, unlike that panther (he's a cute asshole 😭)

Deleted 55 days ago
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I think the author wrote on Twitter (X) around middle of September that they're halfway through writing next Ken update, so I think it should come out soon :3

Hi I play the visual novel Is amazing i'll waiting for other version

What version?

I mean the new update

This visual novel is real nice and definitely worth a playthrough! Though I do have one piece of feedback I'd like to know more about... spoilers of course.

It does come off rather insensitive when talking about suicide... could just be a personal gripe but having Grey joke about hanging himself at the first chance he'd get... furthermore having Simone punch him for trying to kill himself... again could just be a personal gripe. but in my experience suicidal people don't tend to joke about failed attempts, and it  doesn't exactly... help to be gut punched for attempting.

Made my account to give this feedback so sorry for the rushed username. I've been trying to avoid social media like discord and twitter for personal reasons, but I wanted to hear how you respond to that critique.


My interpretation was that Simone punching Grey was for not confiding his feelings with her and "running away from his problems", rather than confronting them(by telling someone). As far as Simone knew, Grey's note was the first time she had ever heard of his suicidal feelings and it was to tell her and Et he was going to k*ll himself. That being said, I understand if that reasoning doesn't make it justified in someone's eyes, and it makes them uncomfortable, but I see it as a realistic, flawed reaction if nothing else. You have to remember that Burrows is a story about flawed people who don't always make the best decisions(our boi Grey is a canonical cheater for crying out loud!)

As for joking about suicide, I don't know if you have personal experience but a lot of people with that mindset use dark humor to cope/process and it's not necessarily indicative on Nikkos's feeling on the seriousness on the subject of suicide.

Sorry, I know you wanted a response from Nikko, I just saw your comment and thought I would share my perspective on the questions you raised


My teacher told me that everyone has suicidal thoughts at one time or another. But because everyone's personality is different, the reactions are also different. Some people will turn it into a joke, and some people will keep it in their hearts.


When Takoda says "I always wanted to be the cowboy" is that a mitski reference please be honest


its a cowboys/indians thing since he's native, but if you want it to be Mitski it is!


Is there going to be a route with olleander?


I love the fact that im not the only one simping for the rabbit that's probably wants to kill me


Why? He's a sociopathic reality warper?


How can I get sex scene with Virgil?


I know there's one in Marks' route.  I think there should have been a Virgil route.  He's the hottest out of all of them! Go team Virgil!!!


Heck yeah! The author should've added Virgil route in this vn


That's just a dildo in his likeness.


The story is genuinely so fantastic; I haven't played all the routes just yet but have been completely absorbed by Gabe and Ken's stories so far.. I've honestly never been so invested in a vn 

also the horror elements are always just enough without too much ! ahhh I could ramble for hours omfg


great vn. just wish you could skip alien interlopers on the pc version.


get good lol


Great novel. I liked it quite a lot, especially Mark's route. You're doing a good work. 
Also, if you don't mind me asking. Which route are you planning to work on next? 


Ohh... Mark... hope you haven't done what I *think* you've done

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