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That was such a good side story, definitely my favorite, it was so sweet.


Hey i was quite late to Hiro's story and only played it last night

Hes such a cool character and i love the way you wrote him! Also his art is amazing

(spoiler ig down below?)

Its rare seeing a well written trans (I think trans, if not implied) character! Also i loved the music in this route! And the horror in this route was cool, have fun doing Kens route



To think such a raging storm of insecurity and emotion was inside of cesar, Heck i just write him off as one off as "asshole" of the group but he has his own struggles going on. I do hope he finds himself in possible future side stories. Also that ending CG was too cute not to use as a background. 




It seems the VN has received backlash bc of the latest update. I don't comment often, but I feel I need to state my upmost support for this project.

I was already very happy with how things went so far. But the Hiro update has only strenghtenned my appreciation for Burrows. As a nb transmasc person myself, words really can't do justice of my feelings on the matter. I'm beyond happy of seeing representation in the main cast of a popular furry VN, and one of this quality to boot! Keep up the good work Nikko! I know I'll be following Burrows every step of the way! ≤3

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DUDE, I went NUTS when I saw the portuguese part. My mother language is portuguese, so my brain glitched at first because i didnt notice the language swap, followed by chills going down my spine. For a sec I was sure the game was talking directly to me! Lol, Anyways, awesome storytelling and amazing art, eager to see where everything goes!


Dia 17° esperando achar uma visual novel furry e nsfw heterossexual para mulheres 


lo siento.

Procure em outro lugar.


GAAAAAAA YOUR STORY LINE ARE SOOOO FUCKING GOOOOOOOD GAAAAAA I like people like you that make romantic and scary stories and I love them both so continue tell the end


The fact that Hiro's route isn't fully complete and published yet is a hate crime to my feelings.

also is gabe like a bottom route or is there a cg of him topping?

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so will progress in one story affect another? 

(spoilers btw)

bc the tod left his note in our notes implying hes aware of the forth wall and im assuming would notice when we go into the woods, regardless of when

in any case hats off to you, anytime a character dose stuff like write in your notes is so dope

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Another diamond in the rough, im glad i tried out this VN, i was honestly just bored waiting for the next FBtW update so i ddcided to try this

my goodness, this game is amazing, i love the very detailed art style of this vn, the anatomy of characters especially Grey, he's cute in images (i wish we had an image room). Each character is complex and interesting, i think this vn has good representation.

I like how mc is pan, most vns ive read only have gay protagonists, this is a first

Also the nsfw scenes are good

My one nitpick is how Mark and Grey stand, they look awkward standing with straight legs, but i think thats just part of their character, still love them tho

I will be looking forward to future updates to this game<3

Thank you for this wonderful VN, Nikko!


Damn... damn! That was the most riveting game I've ever played. Please continue with Ken's route, I want to know what happened, I hate being left in the dark.


Yashiro is my favorite boy everything about him is perfect although i wish there was a translation for players in his part so at least we knew what he and the others were saying before gray did


Most of the lines that are in German or Japanese aren't actually that enlightening when translated. The most important info is either restated in English or Grey figures it out on his own. Aside from a snarky remark or two from Hiro, you don't miss much by not speaking the language.


I really can't wait for the continuation of Ken's story! It is so intriguing! Thank you for the amazing game, Nikko, I fell in love with this horror genre immediately. It is so different than most horror games we see today and just gives a whole new feeling of wanting more of the characters story. I just can't find the words for it, wow. I can't wait for more! I hope the creation of the game goes smoothly as you continue. Have an amazing week! (P.S. The Dungeons & Dragon's theme to Gabriels/Chugs part is amazing. Lol)


Spoilers for Hiro Route

Look, for story reasons, I think the Hiro twist is great,  and I wanna be respectful here. If this wasn't porn, I would be estatic. But I just wish you made that clear from the beginning, cause i thought he was the hottest one right off the bat and we waited so long for his route just to find out he doesnt have what im sexually in to and any sexy time with him will be for people with a different sexual preference than what it seemed like. I was so disappointed, it felt like i got blue balled. Love this VN but maybe just put, like, tags on each route so people know what to expect from the sex scenes and whether they should get their hopes (and dicks) up.


Maybe dont make assumptions based on appearance- either with games or real life.


You tell em' boss!


Okay, but, obviously there's a difference between real life (or a non-pornagraphic story) and a pornographic game. Have you never gotten really into a porn before and then something happens that you're not into and it totally kills your boner (figuratively)? Imagine that but for something you waited months to see. I still would've read it for the story. It's a great story. And it's really cool that it's free to play. But for the porn elements it's best to know what you're getting into before you start. I'm just trying to leave respectful constructive feedback here.


There isn't even any porn with Hiro yet. You are not being caught in surprise here. Maybe don't put so much stack in your expectations while you don't know anything about the characters.

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This is a HORROR game first and foremost. If you only play it for the porn and base your expectations on that alone, you were destined to be disappointed from the jump. I don't owe anyone an explanation about my character's personal information until it's established in the text


Holy shit dude. Like, did you even read my comments? Im saying it was GOOD. I LIKE the story. I was just expressing some dissapointment with the porn aspect in literally the most calm, respectful way I could, and youre acting like I shat in your cereal. I didnt realize you were that kind of person that cant take any criticism at all. Fuck.


oh stop. the whole "it's not my thing, why didn't you tell my favorite character wasn't born with a penis?" is not criticism, nor is it respectful.

Deleted 11 days ago

There are other places to get free small guys.


We've already gone through this in the comments below. Even if you're personally disappointed (which is technically valid—your preferences are your preferences), you have to recognize that this is inappropriate to comment on, and rude as well.

Also, don't you already know what to expect from the sex scenes? The fact that you know what's up with Hiro and you're commenting on the sex scenes before it's even happened means that you've already been given fair "warning." Grey will likely be shocked, but we the audience will not be.


I am so sad that I got to the to be continued spot on hiros route


WOOO I LOVE BURROWS VN...god this newest update was so good hiro is probably my favourite route so far (they're all so amazing tho) i can't wait for more....this is quickly rising in the ranks of my favourite VNs definitely in my top 5


I personally don't give a flying fuck whether Hiro is trans or not, I love all the characters equally (even the annoying ones like Cesar) and if there's a hole then there's a goal.


Oh my gosh I can't stop laughing! XD

Do you know where to find the music of the menu pls? 

Here it is! 

gracias amigos!

Ngl I had been losing interest a little bit in terms of how the surreal elements of the story were implemented, but, I loved the new intro and thought it did a way better job of setting up the rest of the story, or at least what I can picture of it at the moment. Although it somewhat concerns me just how much attention is brought to his body in only that first day, I absolutely love Hiro and he's probably my favorite character so far aside from Grey. I like that he is highly intelligent but also doesn't scoff at superstition or personal beliefs.

The surreal elements were your problem?  For me it's that the routes seem so sequestered so far (being in entirely different time periods isn't helping).

I just thought that Virgil in particular, and the means by which Grey is able to actually meet the other characters felt like it could have done with more explanation previously, while still keeping it as a point of intrigue of course. I think the new opener does that, by giving a little more information to go off of and solidifying what I personally feel like Virgil's role in the story is, where previously I had no clue if he was meant to be an actual antagonistic force, or just using a very powerful motivator on Grey (fear). In the other routes, there isn't as much going on with the surreal elements, aside from Mark's, so having more of those scenes in Hiro's route also made it seem like it was a bigger part of the story overall, as opposed to just like, the plot device by which things are happening. Like the ending scene of this build was cool, albeit confusing. 

I think the reason we see more of that in Mark's route is because it was the one that got the most updates so far. Personally, i really like the intrigue as to what even are Virgil's intentions with this, but i don't expect to learn anything until much further in development still. At this stage though, i do think the story is intentionally vague so as to leave us guessing and trying to figure things out on our own. Which, understandably, can feel a bit uncomfortable since we have to wait for new updates to get more pieces of the puzzle.

My biggest problem so far is that there are clear "good guys" and "bad guys" among the love interests. Mark is controlling and possessive, and Ken is intensely violent with barely any provocation. Meanwhile, Gabe's just a sweetheart with low self-esteem and Hiro's a loveable nerd. Unless Gabe and Hiro are secretly monsters, I don't feel like I've been given reason to care about Mark or Ken over the good boys. They're still compelling characters, sure, but not very likeable. I'm genuinely confused as to if we're even supposed to be rooting for Grey to get with them at this point. It's entirely possible that we aren't; this is primarily a horror story, not a rom-com. Still.

Ken has issues that could have made him so much worse.

Just a guess but Mark might have some kind of emotion problem.

"Problems" might be the common thread but that's so vague I'm not sure about counting it myself.


Ken seems to have a bipolar disorder or double personality. For now i would say he is more of a loose cannon. It's hard to say how much of what he does is him. 

Mark though, if he is indeed the perpretator of things the story has implied there's no excuse. Emotional trauma doesn't absolve you from culpability, it merely gives context.

We often equate character routes to romantic routes, but that doesn't have to always be the case. It's not impossible for Grey to not end up with any of the main characters, because that might not be the point to the story. Considering what's been presented so far, the goal seems for Grey to save those characters, potentially from themselves, and in turn learn to value his own.

I didn't mean emotional TRAUMA.  I meant it's like he's apathetic or intense with almost no middle.


Oooooh, I think my working theory about Ken was schizophrenia maybe, but multiple personality makes WAY more sense.

i could b wrong but as someone with a low empathy disorder i think mark is a sociopath

That too possibly.


the amount of attention to detail that goes into this VN is absolutely astounding

Anyone else having problems with the scene after this on Android?

Like crashing?  Hiccups (lag)? Some kind of display error?

It goes to a black screen right after this scene


it just does that for a few seconds to make the elevator ride seem uncomfortable, it's part of the story and after a few seconds just click again.

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from where your at I believe there isn’t a problem it’s just the transition between that part is a cut scene, the screen just goes black for while. I was at this point and thought it was a glitch so I just tuned on skip seen text making sure it wasn’t. yeah either wait for the scene to finish or turn on skip to continue the story skipping the cut scene

I can't turn on skip when I get there

Sooo... the music.  Is it sold anywhere?

The tracks I can't find in the folders I mean.

Have you looked at the Bandcamp uploads yet?

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Was kind of hoping for something more like an album but thanks.

... Where's the one that plays in the rain?  From the prologue.

I believe that's the track called "Perdition"

Okay that's technically correct thanks but I meant the barely audible... can it be called jazz playing on the way to the bar.

I think it played one night in Gabe's route too.

Deleted 33 days ago

Each route is not just unique for how well developed the characters are, but they each invoke such strong and contrasting vibes that every route makes it feel as if we're jumping into a whole new universe! UwU amaaazing work as always~! n_n/ While Ken is my all time favourite, I honestly can't wait to spend more time with ANY of the boys~ :p


Finished playing the new build, I'm loving Hiro's route so far! Spoilers obviously I'm a bit confused about the timeframe of which his story takes place, but based on some dialogue, I'm guessing it's actually before Grey was born/during his time as a child? I might be completely wrong though. Still, I can't wait to see how his route progresses, the fairy stuff is intriguing so far!

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Near 1928, I think. Or 1936-38, depends on Zeppelin model - LZ129 or LZ130, I think.

Oh so closer to his actual time then, that's interesting!


Also here to spell my support for Hiro's route! Thank you, Nikko, for your wonderful characters & story you are putting out for us.

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So far I'm liking the Hiro update. When I saw the bandages I immediately knew what's going on. I was shocked but at the same time very intrigued. Fortunately I don't play these game purely for the smut and I'm open minded to how the creator wants to make thier characters. Considering the MP is pansexual, this will be very interesting how this will pan out. 

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Grey's probably gonna be stoked that someone like Hiro exists. In Mark's route, Grey already expressed that he'd be interested in trans people, even if he didn't have the terminology for it. In fact, considering the time Hiro lives in, Grey is probably Hiro's best chance of finding someone who would truly accept him as he is. It seems that Grey and Hiro both really lucked out with this pairing lmao. In terms of who can actually make it as a couple, I have the highest hopes for these two.


Seeing how dense some complainers have been, thinking it's okay to flaunt their prejudice as if it was valid criticism. I'm compelled to spell out my support for this project, which was already fantastic from the very first build, in including trans represation in one of the main characters. I thank you for trying to write about them in spite of the uneasiness it may cause. They really deserve a lot more visibility than they get, because our lgbtqiapn+ community not only involves many more people than just the g, it was trans people who took the first steps to make it happen in the first place. Here's hoping for a day when people won't dare to marginalize our own pride.


Indeed, Hiro's route is a surprise. But, isn't it make his (or their) route become more interesting?


His route, the narrative exclusevely referred to hiro with he/him pronouns. And yes, there is just so much that can be explored about what people like him go through that's new and fresh, so many things to learn. It's such a waste of potential to not have stories that dare to approach this topic.

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TL;DR because I ramble: Regardless of my intent, I made comments that were transphobic, and I apologize for that.

I would like to apologize for making the first post. Even if hate would have came in eventually, I believe my initial comment opened the floor and emboldened people to be blatantly transphobic in this comment section and I feel responsible for that. This was not my intent nor do I condone it, and I regret making a comment like that, especially as a fellow member of the LGBTQ community.

Sure, I was a bit bummed that Hiro's character was different from my expectations/assumptions of who he’d be. But those are private feelings that didn't need to be stated. Although I wasn't trying to be transphobic, I failed to realize that publicly expressing those private feelings was, in itself, a transphobic thing to do. I should have recognized that it’s inappropriate to comment on someone’s anatomy in that way, regardless of my personal feelings or preferences. Even if the character in question is fictional, there are still real people’s feelings I'm hurting by saying things like that. I know I wouldn’t like it if people felt entitled to make disparaging comments about my body.

I’ve had limited exposure to trans people and haven’t really gotten to hear their perspectives before, which is part of why I'm so excited for Hiro's route. I’m trying to learn more and be better, so I don’t make ignorant comments or echo hateful rhetoric in the future. I actually did more research into trans identities in past eras, including surgeries and treatments. Some of the procedures first started over a century earlier than what I previously thought! The more you know.

Anyway, spreading hate is the last thing I want to do. That is not who I want to be. I'd also like to reiterate that I love the characters and the story that Nikko is crafting, and I will be there for the ride no matter where it will take us. This is (by far) one of the best VNs I've had the pleasure of reading, and the latest build has me even more excited for the future. I apologize again for being hurtful and careless with my words. If requested, I’ll take any/all of my comments down.


Yes, i saw it. You corrected yourself within the next comment, which i upvoted. This is the exact reason visibility to these people is necessary, so it's normalized. I understand that from how little contact we all have with them, it can be a bit confusing and even uncomfortable at first. The fact society neglects to aknowledge their existence, means that a lot of us don't know how to properly interact with them in a respectful manner.

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The thought of anyone out there in the universe thinking of me as a bigot (even strangers on the internet that would eventually forget my comments) was intensely upsetting to me. I didn't mean to start all that slander, and I really didn't like when that other guy tried to hop in the thread and take "my side." Like no, we are not the same lmao


Is hiros route update available for Android yet?



Hiro's route is fantastic, theirs this lost sense of dramatic irony that makes his route more intriguing, but to me if you translate what everyone says, kind of loses that aspect of how Grey feels in situations where he feels lost. The hints the story gives along the way, is like the story allowing you to see the full puzzle, foreshadowing what might happen later on in the chapters. Overall this VN is indeed my favorites. every route has me quenched for more.

Do you plan on following a set pattern for whose routes get updated in each coming update, or will you pick one of them at random?


! Spoilers !

Hiro looks to be transgender since he had his chest surgery and Grey commented on his wide hips.


I don't mean to come across as bigoted, but I'm honestly a little conflicted. I love everything about Hiro's route so far: the setting, Hiro's personality, his sharp wit and mind, his body... but it's a little hard to get over what's between his legs. I'm aware that sounds kind of gross and close-minded, but I just don't really swing that way.

I guess it doesn't matter much, anyway. If I have to skip past the NSFW parts of his route, that's honestly a small price to pay. I still love Hiro and I absolutely cannot wait to read the rest of his story. I'm especially interested to hear his perspective as a trans man in that time period, made even more complicated by his foxy pheromones. Luckily, everyone we've met so far seems to respect his identity to a degree, or at least hasn't blatantly misgendered him.


Maybe you shouldn't say it at all.


I wasn't meaning to complain or ask the author to change his character or anything like that. It's strictly a "me" problem. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Hiro the way he is, and he doesn't need to change himself for anyone. I was just expressing a bit of personal disappointment.

I'm now realizing I should have kept my comments to myself. I'm just one random commenter anyway, and I'm sure rhetoric like mine makes an already marginalized group's lives harder, which wasn't my intent. I apologize.


You have your right to speak your mind. There's nothing wrong with that.

And, dissapointment? I won't mince my words: after this update my interest in Hiro dropped to zero, sadly. I may follow the route just for the writing, tho.

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To me that seems a bit severe. Just because he may not interest you in a sexual manner doesn't mean that he has no merits. There's more to his character, and to people, than their genitals. I think Hiro's got a great personality, and Nikko's writing is good enough that I would want to read regardless.

Also, just because I have the right to speak my mind doesn't mean I want to spread hatred.

Same, dude. At first I liked his charming character and wit, the way he acted, and also I really like his appearance. But when we found out he might be trans… it was very, very unexpected and confusing. Maybe it's just not my thing. I thought about it for a while and I think it doesn't really matter. It's good if you like him as a good character and not just as a sexual interest. You may not like trans, and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as you don't hate or harm anyone. Peace. 

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I was kinda hoping the chest wound was some work-related injury, and both the hips and "smell" thing some related to foxes and the like.

Honestly, I feel a lot like when Shang fell in love with Ping...only to realize that he had been deceived and that the "he" was actually a "she".

And my major issue is how...out of place his...particular situation seems to be. That sort of surgeries are from the 50's onwards. Seeing it on the mid-30s (the zeppelins around make it impossible being a later date) is a bit hard to believe.

All of this makes his condition feel a bit forced and quite shoehorned in, as it makes no sense, at least in that specific date. If his route were to take place, say, on the 70s, it wouldn't be an issue.

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The doctor said the surgery was experimental and she wasn't even sure it would work. If things changed below the belt I would raise an eyebrow, but it's not that unbelievable that top surgery couldn't exist yet. It's not that hard to remove breast tissue.


I probably overlooked that. I always associate the term "experimental" in surgeries with cancer, life-threatening injuries or congenital issues.

Though, there is a small issue *coughs and hums* that must be noticed even if we ignore the primary and secondary sexual characteristics. Unless male and female foxes just happen to have the same pitch of voices.

With all this said, that doesn't makes my dissapointment smaller. What is done, is done, since it was the writer's prerrogative after all.


Testosterone usage generally started in the late 1930's, but even without that, voice training has been done for a very long time.

Overall I think it's sad that some lgbtq members still don't accept trans people but oh well


Oh, so I don't have the right to be dissapointed, then? It's more of a personal preferences thing, than anything else.

Hiro still has appeal from a narrative standpoint, if anything.


I dont know why no one saying this but music is AMAZING. Theme in the contrusction stasion is so good

ok ive decided to only play this game at night, i tried playing during morning right now but i feel as if the creepy vibes + everything else just comes off so much more better at night.


Every update just makes me want more! More! AHHH!! MORE!!!

guau se ve increíble!!! También me gustan los detalles que ponen 10/10

This game has some crazy moments, and I love it!

Deleted 39 days ago

why not Hiro .-.

Deleted 39 days ago
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I once thought the same about Cliff in the smoke room, but now his story line is my favorite of the four... I think the down votes are more for the fact that the authors of these stories work so hard to entertain us and no one wants to see anything that might disparage them from doing so.


Well this comment thread has at least one dick in it. Unfortunately, it's you.


This update made Hiro drop a few places in several people's list it seems.

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