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Warning: This game will include themes that some might find distressing, such as the topic of suicide, self harm, sexual assault, violent imagery, depression and other mental illnesses. If you find these topics stressful or triggering please take that into consideration before playing. Thank you!

After leaving behind his former life in 1920's New Orleans, a jaded possum named Grey finds himself thrown into an unending nightmare by the enigmatic bartender, Virgil.  Lost in a churning sea of souls, Grey comes across a group of men somehow connected to his former home, a plantation replete with it's own dark history.  Just as quickly as they find each other they're suddenly taken away, leaving Grey only one option:
Dig a little deeper.

*This game will feature 18+ content including NSFW scenes (mostly M/M focused)  which can be  toggled in the preferences. This game is ONLY intended for those ages 18 and older, please play at your own discretion.

Keep up with us at https://twitter.com/Burrows_VN

You can support our project and play early versions of new builds at our Patreon

Also, feel free to join our community Discord and discuss your theories!

Updated 25 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Bara, Furry, Gay, Horror, LGBT, Mystery, Queer, Romance, Yaoi
Average sessionAbout an hour


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com.burrows-release.apk 321 MB

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This game made me fall for a psychopath. LOVE it. Can't wait to see how the story unfolds..

Sorry but which one?


God dude I love this VN I've only done marks route but I love it so much

Love this game so much but can you please make more save files ?

I believe once you go past the normal 10 pages it will go further, but ideally people tend to overwrite old saves with new ones so you shouldn't need more than a few pages ma


oh ok thanks I didn't know about that. And again I really love this VN so much I found out about this VN from Blaidd it's thanks to him I was able to find this great VN. Please keep up the great work 馃榿馃憤

how do you delete saves? i was wanting to move them around to make space to keep saves for each character separate but i don't see a way to delete the old ones after doing that. only way to save over it? 

Scroll over to the save with your mouse and hit the Del button. It should ask if you wish to delete the save. Note: this is for windows. I'm not sure how on other devices, I've only got a windows computer.

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ok works. now i wonder if you even can on phone now

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I haven't completed Mark's route yet, as he's being covered by a YouTuber I'm watching, but Ken and Gabriel's routes were very good. I'm excited for the next updates, and I'll check out the side stories once the youtuber finishes what's there of Mark's route cause I'm pretty sure he'll be involved from what I accidentally caught from the not-so-well-hidden spoilers below.

who is this YouTuber?

i'm always in search of a new FVN LP

Blaidd Llwyd

oh i watch him  vivian jade, drakewinggaming, fallenwolf. depends who done video and game. blaidd is good for these kind of games but seems to be slower to do videos. vivian is good if you can get past some of the humor and stuff. drakewinggaming good but videos kinda short to me and stops at odd times because uses timer and stops after that. since you asked him thought you would like to know some i follow i guess. 

Just 'finished' 'all' routes of Burrows. I'm glad that this VN has completely different story in each routes. I often get too attached to a routes on every VNs, to the point I can't take another routes. I'll wait patiently the last main love-interest in public release. When and where Grey will be dropped in this new route? How's the look of his card?

Note: I think, I found a plot hole in Ken's route. There is no conversation about the current year in his route. They only talked about Ken's age and it suddenly jotted in the timeline. Isn't supposed Grey didn't know what time is his in when we choose Ken's route yet, right?

i don't think the timeline only shows what Grey knows

making the math with Ken's age and DoB shows that Ken's route is on 1958

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Well, you have a point. It's help me to know when is Ken route happens. Even with those clues (Ken's age and DoB shows that you mentioned), I don't know what time is Grey in. I don't have any ideas what America looks like on 1958. 


!  some spoilers  !

Mark my man what in the crazy ass bitch omg, since the beginning Mark looked like he had some shady things goin on, the way he spoke and openess to someone that could be easely manipulated got me worried really quick and oh damn It was worse than I thouth. I'm loving the characthers and the way the story is being told aside from the CRAZY good art of Nikko. Really one of the best VN's :D


slight spoilers

wow. now i trust mark even less, at this point im definitely convinced that the option of choosing mark over simone is going to lead to a bad ending


First time i get genuiely TERRIFIED by a visual novel, it's incredible. The side story of mark, my god, i'm traumatized xD

Can't wait to see more :)

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Slight spoilers

Bruh, I'm so confused on how I should feel about these characters. We are 6 builds in and 2 of the love intrest have either have or may have done some shit you'd expect from a villan. At this point I'm half expecting gabe to do some heinous diabolical shit.

Good job

Well, I'm expecting him to snap.

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AHH! That side chapter was traumatizing!

more... More....  MORE!!!


i have to say im absolutely in love with this game, the characters are so likable, and geeze when things get creepy it really does its job! i can't wait for the new updates, you did an amazing job with this game!

do i have to redownload this to access the updates? lmao i never liked a itch.io game enough to come back for updates, so im unsure

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Yes, and depending on how you install the mobile version, you may lose your save files.

Definitely a 5 star game

The way the mouse controls the space whatsits game it's more like the arcade machine is using one of those balls instead of a stick.

Then again did they have the balls back then or were those from the 90s?

Hello there Captain Nikko, how are you? If you can have time for this, don't you mind helping me out here with some advice for some issue I have here. Well, my problem is that I want to play Burrows on Android & I already started uploading it, but, just like some other game on Itch.io that caught my attention, the uploading abruptly stopped with a "Forbidden" sign on top of my smartphone... Idk if it's because of the regional differences or my Xiaomi don't having enough memory for this game. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

this is all we could find regarding that error, hope it helps!

Thanks for an advice, but still the same - forbidden download of a Mobile version. And the worst thing is, I can't even find that file on my Downloaded Files list on Google/Chrome (where all the information about downloads are stored). Oh well, let's see how the PC version would work out

(2 edits)

I ran diagnostics a while back, searching for why the download becomes forbidden at times. It's sometimes a mixture of internet connection issues and your browser losing background process priority during sleep/when it's locked, sometimes both.

Find an ideal time to download your game (mine in particular is midnight to early morning), make sure you enable the option to prevent your phone from sleeping or never locked if it's charging and never change to another application while downloading.

Addendum: It is also possible for the PC version to run into the Forbidden error as well, albeit rarely but it just truly depends on the device's processing power (CPU).

Whoo Android Version!!!! when i First see This its Only Windows, macOS And Linux

for anyone that may be interested in such a thing, there is a Burrows's PDB page https://www.personality-database.com/profile?pid=2&cid=11&sub_cat_id=29851


Must. Protect. Gabe.

I wasn't sure at first but I gave it a go and I'm hooked with the very compelling story. I have so far played Ken ang Gabriel routes and I'll soon play Mark's route. Keep up the good work!馃槂

waiting patiently for the day Hiro gets an update

I would like to ask about something to Captain Nikko, it's about age. Okay so I noticed that Grey told the others that he is 25 y.o. Then I do the counting, he was born 1903 and meet Virgil in 1928, so that's mean Grey is 30, why 25? Is he trying to hide about his age because he know that he is older than them?

And I literally shock lol when I do the counting for Gabriel's route. Grey meet Gabriel in 1987 so that means Grey is 84 y.o (30 y.o in real timeline (1928)). I was like wtf 84?馃槅馃ぃ


1903 + 25 = 1928

Oof I'm the one who is wrong X3

new update? best day ever


I want to ask you a question is there a new public version coming out soon if you can give an answer please

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the theories stack up! there is just so many possibilities to examine and little clues to look at! ken mentioning he was just a kid too. his very sudden and emotional reaction to whatever gray possibly did. possibly trauma from an assault? gabriel not using his name anymore? what could have happened? being there for the characters in their time of need is so emotional


This pushes the Visual Novel Genre to its limits and I am loving every second of it.


Not to mention that every detail of this is filled to the brim with charm, and intrigue. It leaves me yearning for more.


I love this game the amount of details is phenomenal, especially when to choose to stay Simon or go after mark the music changes depending on your choice this kind of attention to details is rarely seen these days and I can tell this game is built with love and passion, I really hope you can continue this journey because I fell in love with this game, this game is hidden gem if I had the money I would've became one of your patreons, anyways best of luck.


...I'm at the part where ken attacked the fox...seems like a red flag...I'm kinda scared now ;-; 


nah, that's not a red flag, we are way past those. if anything, that's evidence.


Waiting for 2nd day of Ken route :>

It's a good idea to check his Twitter visual novel account, so that you know which route is next. Right now, the next public update is of Gabriel (my favorite because he is sweet 馃槉). But there's a possibility that the update after this one is of Ken, my second favorite. Hope we can help him trust Grey more.

I want to Android download it game pls

There is an android version! Check the downloads.


oh hv a Android download it game right ?


WOW!!! Nikko always surprises me bahaha

This VN is damn awesome :D it's like reading one of your comics, but intensified 1000x haha

Waiting for more updates!! :D


Loving the way it's progressing and am very curious to see how Ken route will continue going forward...

Also, damn the fucking rabbit scares the shit out of me :c

Liked the way u put the dialogues... I mean, the way the VN is discussing topics such as sexual orientation, love, drugs etc. 

I'm very curious to see how that will develop.

And, before I forget, DAMN, that Portuguese part on Ken's route was SOOOO cringy bahaha there are at least some centuries that no one talks like that in my country :P but it was interesting, nonetheless.

Besides that, the music is awesome! SFX is well selected and well used, the arts are fabulous in all aspects, UI, BG, sprites, CG...

They're very pretty and cute, and some of them damn hot bahaha 

Liked the way u put a new UI for the text while showing the terror parts.

I think the only thing missing on that menu is that I can't delete a save if I don't make another save to overwriter it :c

Oh, loved the concept of timeline and those audios/texts from some sort of diary or whatever, giving more pieces about the characters and the world they live, very creative that :D

And the atmosphere is very interesting there, there's even other music when u open that haha

I do confess I didn't understood some audio... actually only one think, which someone is just breathing heavily.

Curious to see what that "annotation" button will do exactly, and what will be its connection to the story haha.

Besides that, the rapid effects were a bit too much on Ken route, like, the hell dude, the text keeps moving up and down so fast that's almost impossible to read... and even with the rapid effects off, it's still moving a bit too fast - I mean, people with visual difficulty would still have trouble to read it, even with rapid effects off.

That extra story was kind of interesting :D don't know exactly where it fits on the main story but was enjoyable anyway.

Do u plan on adding a gallery later on? Maybe even a sound room or a way to see all the characters' sprites :D

Oh, and found some typos on Mark's route:


Not sure if that "youz" was intentional, 'cuz it's kinda weird.

Oh yeah, something I'm kinda curious about now: how many days do u plan on doing for each route?

And are there any plans on when releasing the Fox route? Like, if it will be on the next update or 3 updates forward...


"Youz" is intentional. It's New York.

they talk like that there?

(1 edit) (+1)

A lot of older New Yorkers do. Keep in mind, Mark is in the 60s, so that's around the time period I'd expect for them to speak like that.

OMG ..

Oke the taste of culture of this game is Sweet and relaxing for some like to stay at home with some hot chocolate and colors in the room

Grey is ok as aspects and his knowledge and vocabulary 

For now i did ken's route day 1

And is the great combination between some confused ken with great personality and sweet grey who knows how to talk and understand him...and the last part when with the fox was...it keeps me in suspense and.. emotions?

More reviews later

For now is a... 5 stars game..."an early review from myself"


I went through this today once and what a ride. Played through everything there was. I was absolutely hooked, had to see everything there was up to this point.

Love the horror, love the characters, love the idea. Just one of those few games that really got under my skin with the horror. I can see some Silent Hill inspiration with Mark. I can see a few things you're doing with Ken also with Chug. Would love to see more horror put in those, like you did with Mark stuff.

I wish I had a few cash monies I could throw at you, but unfortunately can't. But I did throw in a 5-star rating, and I really want to see where you are going to go with this. Can't wait to be into these characters, and they are going to suffer probably some unfortunate stuff. Can't wait to be sad about those, also creeped out.

Honestly, what a fantastic experience. Frickin' great writing, this is going to stay with me for a while.


Just went through the current Ken route and everything was fantastic.
The music, the starry night sky in the backgrounds, the character designs, the story from start to finish was engaging and a rollercoaster of emotions.

Ken himself is just perfect. Both visually and as a character. He's not your generic, dangerous-looking,  perfect boy with no flaws. He's damaged, his dark past shaping him into a person he has to be now instead of being the person he wants to be. The conflict between the two is a great way to develop a character. It's also a great way to get the reader interested in the character and crave for more.

That's where I'm at now myself. I can't wait to see so much more of Ken and where the "road" will take him next.

Oh and one last thing, Nikko's art style is a blessing for the eyeballs.

lol exactly


Sooo will there be a android version?? I鈥檝e been hearing great things about this vn and I really want to give it a try 


there is an android version!


AAAaaa!!!! literally stunning, I don't even have any words, I literally don't even usually leave comments or rate but literally a masterpiece, I can't wait to see what this story has in store.

and the art style????馃槼馃槼 
ab-slootly gorgeous luv

when your most love artist makes a VN <3~~~
Keep up the epic work :D always love your style and seeing it in a VN is huff

(1 edit) (+1)

Finally managed to catch up to this update! Loving it so far. Was already expecting Ken to be difficult, but now I'm really curious to know how he got like that. Colt and Jessie are very precious and I'd love an invitation to the Rub Club. Hope Grey can get in on a bit of fun.

Also, first time getting to check out the new features, like the timeline and diary entries. Amazing addition! Guess a replay of the other routes is in other to see what else I can unlock.


huh, wasn't expecting my native language to show up. how did you go about writing that section? cause i've noticed in "history" it is written in english and the phrasal structure also seems like someone speaking english with portuguese words rather than just portuguese.

Also curious about that. It felt a bit archaic and maybe a bit closer to how it's spoken in Portugal


I really can't wait for the next update, just go through all routes today, a nice base for another addictive story.
I just hope that the Faces don't change much at all in the future, it somehow makes me happy to see them smile.

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